Unstable Combustion



I have been working as an artist for over 25 years. After completing 2D and 3D animation studies at The School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, NC I started using
Photoshop and made the move from traditional art to digital art.

My primary focus has been on automotive art since entering the digital realm but I have also done pin-up and fantasy art. I use the techniques I’ve learned in my various studies and
observations to breathe life into my art. Using a Wacom digital tablet and Photoshop to create my art I’ve been able to mimic the feeling and techniques of traditional medium.

My art has been used to create various one-off custom cars and car parts. Me and my designs and art have won numerous awards including the Ford Outstanding Achievement in Design for the Cherry 6t6 Show car.

 -Doug "Burningman" Schramm