New car done. by Doug Schramm

It's a 1970 Javelin commission. The Customer wanted his exact car. He specified the text. Not what I'd have done but he's paying for it. Anyway it's up in the gallery so check it out.

It seems Richard Hammond of The Grand Tour binned it. by Doug Schramm

Welp recently I've learned Richard Hammond had a fairly harrowing experience during a hill climb and had an off to say the least. Turns out he's ok though so that's good and will more than likely be grounded by his wife. A few years ago he had a very bad wreck during the filming of Top Gear in a jet dragster. Then recently had a minor spill on a bike now this crash.

You can read about on my drive tribe page below.  

New Image (sort of) by Doug Schramm

Ok I've uploaded a newish image to the site and to my store. It's a Horseshoe Crab I did eons ago but completely forgot to upload. Anyway it's up now so take a look.

New Image by Doug Schramm

I've up-loaded the NY police version of the mad max interceptor. This was done as a special request some years ago by the guy whose car I used as the basis for the original.